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I was at this Digital economy conference recently listening to digital transformation from a leader.
Imagine if I bring in the 70’s greats such as Vivian Richards or Sunil Gavaskar. Vivian Richards being considered the most destructive batsman of his era into today’s T-20 game. Ask them to play alongside today’s likes of Kohili, De Villers& Chris Gale. How do you think they will perform? Will they be able to chase scores of 200+ in 20 overs?
The answer is no, they never imagined the impossible or thought disruptively. However, they would be happily be the commentators guiding how teams can chase big scores. Similarly, the speaker I listened to on digital transformation who himself probably is a starter digital immigrant was providing the knowledge of how to be disruptive. If you still carry visiting cards, take notes on papers you are starter digital immigrant. Unless you are born digital natives but have transformed yourself and take notes on mobile or laptop and do not even carry a pen, you are a true digital immigrant.
As I walked around to understand how several companies are planning to be digitally disruptive. The first company I interacted was providing paperless solution, the irony being they were providing their own visiting cards and asking for mine. I am paperless and I connect with people on LinkedIn. I take pictures of people visiting card and return them. Apps for visiting cards have been into existence for past 7 years.  The second company was similar, a consulting company with great showcase on all the things they can do to digitally transform your organization had no digital screen, they were distributing paper pamphlets, bags, pens and getting people to fill paper forms to identify leads.
I found most of the companies were focusing on SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) whereas these are now hygiene. You need to have social presence, your team should be collaborating socially, and you need to have mobile apps for your employees and customers. You need to be on cloud for your infrastructure as well as apps and be using analytics solutions for making data driven decisions.
Companies should be building new disruptive business models, thinking about IoT, Drones, 3D Printing, AR/VR, Robotics, Block chain tech, cognitive etc. For me digital transformation includes digitization and automation; both are key to transformation. When talking about digital transformation, there are three phases Digitization (basic hygiene- I talked about SMAC), Security automation and Workplace automation. 60% of the data of your office will be accessed remotely, you need the right two layered security mechanism to ensure all data in and out are secured. Every device will be talking to other devices, you need to continuously invest in security creating air gaps to your devices. Automation at workplace is next where automation tools are available for Sales and Marketing. HR can include chat bots for self-service, think disruptively, change the way the company thinks such as Work socially, Hire socially and Good bye socially.
In cricket, the older captain handover’s the team to the younger captain, and let him/her take charge while offering experience. Similarly, for successful transformation let digital natives or true digital immigrants take the T-20 approach of building the next business models.
Need help in transforming your company, let me know. I will be happy to come along with my team to demonstrate the possibilities.

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