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HCL enables collaboration across various premiere educational institutes across the country through Virtual Classroom Solutions


  • National Knowledge Network (NKN) project is aimed at establishing a strong and robust Indian network capable of providing secure and reliable connectivity.
  • It aims to connect all universities, research institutions, etc and facilitating the flow of information and knowledge, the network addresses the critical issue of access and creates a new paradigm of collaboration to enrich the research efforts in the country.
  • The Client is responsible for implementing NKN project across India

Business Need

  • Enable faculty lectures across institutes & higher engagement of students
  • Connect 12 premier engineering and 23 other educational institutes across country under the NKN project

The Solution

  • Design, supply and implementation of Virtual Classroom solutions including
    • Video & web conferencing
    • Audio Solutions
    • Control solutions and security
  • Students can attend sessions even from their personal devices (smart phones / Tab) through cloud based solution

Client Benefits

  • Increased Collaboration across 37 Institutes
  • Enhanced learning experience for students
  • Enabled collaborative research, development and Innovation
  • Facilitated advanced distance education in specialized fields such as engineering, science, medicine

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