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Leveraging three decades of expertise in pioneering IT solutions for India HCL Infosystems Ltd. – nation’s premier information enabling and integration company, today unveiled a complete range of “Trusted ICT Infrastructure technology solutions” for the fast growing Indian BPO & IteS sector.


Leading the pack is the revolutionary HCL BPO PC. Co-created with the BPO segment it incorporates specific needs of the BPO segment. Designed & developed at the HCL Labs, the indigenously developed SD2 technology, enables the operation of one PC in two securely isolated work environments and holds the potential of reducing IT spending per seat & infrastructure cost of a BPO center.


HCL’s range of Trusted ICT Infrastructure Platforms for the BPO & ITeS sector includes complete end-to-end solutions covering computing, security, IP-VPN/ contact center, telecom, Inhouse broadcasting, audio- video conferencing, training, and printing.


The launch was presided over by Mr. Kiran Karnik – President, NASSCOM and Mr. Ajai Chowdhry – Chairman & CEO, HCL Infosystems Ltd.


Presenting the extensive solutions suite for the BPO-ITeS sector, Mr. Ajai Chowdhry – Chairman & CEO, HCL Infosystems Ltd., said, ” The Indian BPO sector, having registered more than 37% growth recently, is today a well-evolved industry, all set to now provide state-of-the-art solutions & services to the world. However, at the same time, it is also facing challenges on data security and its costs and efficiency. In this scenario, we at HCL are proud to come forward and leverage our multi technology capabilities to offer a range of specialized ICT Infrastructure solutions for this industry. These will not only address security concerns but also help them to achieve cost savings, and offer peace of mind, as HCL delivers turn-key solutions for the complete infrastructure implementation.”


Complementing HCL on their feat and reflecting on the future of BPO industry in India, Mr. Kiran Karnik – President, NASSCOM said “NASSCOM forecasts ITeS-BPO exports to clock revenues between USD 8-8.5 billion in FY07. Continued expansion of service portfolio and higher value processes have been some of the strengths of the segment in the last year. To sustain the growth curve, and for India to be the benchmark in global outsourcing, we must continue to offer the best in class benefits to our clients and their customers. It is encouraging to note that associated industries are recognizing the potential of the sector, and coming forward with customized products to support requirements of the ITeS-BPO sector, with cost and security advantages. These will go a long way in ensuring that the industry achieves its ambitious targets.”


“The new range of specialised BPO products unveiled by HCL today is a first. We congratulate HCL Infosystems on this launch and are hopeful of more such offerings for the industry”, he added.,


Following are some key products & their features, which were showcased by HCL:



Empowered with the revolutionary SD2 technology (Security with Dual Boot Technology), a HCL BPO PC offers the following advantages to any BPO center:

– Almost 50% reduction in per work station costs, as the HCL BPO PC combines two distinct PCs in single physical unit. This is enabled through creating two distinct environments at the hardware level, thus enabling two persons in different shifts to work on single physical unit in a completely secure way.

– Remote management, through unique features in the HCL desktop management software, enabling user logs as well as remote troubleshooting

– Enhanced physical security, through unique hardware codes, software lock, & HCL device lock that prevents data write on USB drives or CD Writers. Further, the HCL BPO PC has user authentication using biometric fingerprint-scan and smart card login.



HCL has developed a host of advanced security solutions, which enable BPO centers to offer better physical & data security assurance to their customers. Some of these solutions include:


Biometric identity based access: It provides a reliable identity for the usage of IT infrastructure thus enabling a higher level of Trust within the enterprise as compared to traditional usernames/passwords. Available in two variants- Biometric and Smart Card – allows the user to use his/her unique identity (finger print) or a smart card (doubles up as a physical identity card). Ensures that the right person accesses the right system, provides the convenience of using one’s own finger or a smart card, thus giving a freedom from cumbersome passwords for each application.


Employees Access & Management Solution: A Solution to provide employee access and to centrally know if someone has made it there on a specific day or not, is a key factor for the productivity / performance of an organization. It can be deployed across geographically spread offices / locations. HCL InfoAttendance Solution provides fast and accurate data (using Biometric and/or Smart card) for HRMS enabling a Trusted environment in the enterprise.


Visitor Access Management Solution: HCL InfoVMS, the Visitor Management System provides fast, effective and reliable management of the visitors from the time they enter the organization till they leave. For sensitive areas even the unique identities (Photograph, Biometrics) can be captured. Features like scheduled or unscheduled visitors, visitor’s confirmation, and conference/meeting room booking reduce the administrative overheads and enhance the visiting experience. It helps the visitor build a Trust in the organization and the organization gets trusted information of the visits.


Surveillance Solutions: HCL InfoSurveillance, Smart and Intelligent multi channel Surveillance system that utilizes the most advanced technologies to bring highest picture quality and real time monitoring. Motion detection in the specified areas helps aid unattended security

– Real time, time stamped recording helps in post event forensic situations.

– Faster retrieval of information helps quick decisions averting potential losses.

– Alerts on mail or SMS for events.

– Remote monitoring across geographically spread locations with PAN, TILT and ZOOM features.


Stand Alone Door Access Systems: Style, Security, Strength, Convenience, perfect combination of all, state of the art, stand alone door access system based on Biometric finger prints. Keyless entry to your home / office.


Physical Security: Glass, the weakest link in terms of security for any infrastructure. Make that weakest link, the strongest one, yes the same glass can be strengthen up to 400 times and that too done onsite without removing the glass. The Solution has also been tested for bullet penetration and fire resistance by respective agencies. It provides protection against vandalism, riots, break-ins, robberies etc.



– A unified contact center solution – A fully integrated multi-function platform infrastructure which includes Dialer, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Automatic Call Distributors (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), CRM & Voice-Logger in a single box with multi-channel capability.

– Turnkey Solution – The Unified contact center is provisioned by HCL’s managed Network services offering multiple options for global connectivity. The managed network solution has IP telephony and IP/MPLS VPN with multiple termination facilities for Voice and data across all geographies. This Network is Carrier, Gateway and Distant Voice Termination Provider agnostic.

– SLA based Delivery – The entire solution offers an end-to-end SLA.

– These solutions thus significantly bring down costs for any call center – leading to savings in acquisition costs, management costs, system integration costs as well as support costs

– HCL has tied up with leading international technology providers to offer this complete service suite to Indian call centers.



– The BPO & ITeS Sector is a heavily people oriented industry. Further located at multiple locations, communicating goals and values to all is a key factor. HCL brings total “In-house broadcast solutions” that enable senior management to reach out to employees at multiple locations across the world.

– Sony Anycast portable studio solutions for live video capture and anytime, anywhere, any medium broadcast /retrieval.


Collaboration, Meeting & Training Infrastructure Solutions from HCL

– From basic telephone systems to advanced video conferencing equipment, HCL offers complete collaboration and meeting infrastructure implementation for any BPO call center.

– Audio & Visual systems, including multimedia projectors, plasma display etc.

– Conferencing solutions, including data conferencing, video conferencing & audio conferencing solutions.

– HCL Room Wizard – first web based system to schedule meeting rooms and other shared spaces. A boon for an industry that is so much people collaboration based.

– Interactive presentation solutions, which can enable ‘remote’ projection and making a presentation while freely roaming in the room and engaging with your audiences.



HCL has been the leader in providing comprehensive end to end Document Imaging solutions in association with world leaders in Document Imaging like Toshiba & Konica Minolta to provide their entire range of solutions in India.


Toshiba’s wide range of Digital Multifunction Systems caters to the entire gamut of Office requirements from desktop to large Department Multifunction Systems. The introduction of the unified architecture platform in all its MFDs (e-Bridge) makes them network & internet ready.


The MFDs come with Inbuilt HDD & memory for document storage & for seamless printing. Keeping in mind the high levels of security requirements in today’s enterprises, two levels of security are incorporated in these MFDs to increase data security. The machines come with EAL2 data security for their hard disk & also a data overwrite kit for additional security. All these features are combined with the ease of use in operation & low operating costs.


About HCL Infosystems

HCL Infosystems, India’s premier information enabling and integration company offers its customers technology solutions across multiple platforms. It has partnerships with some leading global player like Intel, AMD, Toshiba, Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, Apple and Zee among others.


HCL Infosystems has direct customer services center across 300+ locations and two ISO 9001 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. With a mission to provide world-class information technology solutions and services to enable its customers to serve their customers better, HCL Infosystems is forever setting new standards of IT in the country. For more information please visit www.hclinfosystems.in


About HCL Enterprise

HCL Enterprise is a leading Global Technology and IT enterprise with annual revenues of US $2.9 billion. The HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India – HCL Technologies & HCL Infosystems. The 3-decade-old enterprise, founded in 1976, is one of India’s original IT garage start ups. Its range of offerings span Product Engineering, Technology and Application Services, BPO, Infrastructure Services, IT Hardware, Systems Integration, and distribution of technology and telecom products. The HCL team comprises of 32,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 15 countries including 300 points of presence in India. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms, including leading IT and Technology firms. For more information please visit us at www.hcl.in

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